Used Up: Lip Balms

Here we with a lot of used up products. Finishing a product brings me so much satisfaction, especially if I’ve had a product in my collection for way way too long. I will be breaking up all my empty products so it’s not too overwhelming. First up is lip balms! I use these every morning and day so I’m not surprised I have gone through so many.

First is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. This gave a nice sheen and slightest of color to the lips. I really like the baby lips formula but unfortunately they do test on animals  .

Next is the Fresh sugar lip treatment in the original and Rose. These have SPF 15 and are quite moisturizing. However, they have an odd slip to them and don’t really sink into the lips. They are still good and the Rose one gives a nice rosy/red tint to the lips. These are pretty pricey at $24 and can break or melt pretty easily. You can purchase them here. Also the ones pictured are deluxe sizes not the full size.

Last is the EOS lip balm and I 100% do not recommend this. I couldn’t even finish it because it irritated my lips so much. This was the first product I ever just gave up on because it was so bad and just didn’t work as a lip balm.

In case you’re curious, I am currently using a lip balm by Hard Candy and Jack Black (my favorite).

Thanks for reading!



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