Products That Got Me Through the Winter

Even though I live in Florida, it still gets cold (for us) and the wind can make it pretty chilly. In the last couple of years my oily skin have become prone to dehydration in the winter. It always throws me off because dryness is not something I focus on with my skincare. This year I found some good products to keep away those stubborn dry patches.

The first one is YU BE Moisturizing skin cream. This product is from japan and it is so moisturizing. It can be too rich for me sometimes but when my skin is dehydrated it is perfect for balancing it out and restoring some of that moisture. I got this from my mom and she swears by it. She has extremely dry skin and this has helped her so much. The fuul size retails for $25.

The next product is the 2B Makeup Base. This product is so nice for when you want a little extra boost of moisture before your makeup or even if you’re not wearing makeup. It is really light and absorbs quickly but feels like a drink of water on your face. Its the same concepts as the Marc Jacobs coconut primer or the Too Faced hangoverx. It retails for $8.99 but is currently on sale for $7.19 on the Ulta Website.

The next product I got in a Vegan Cuts Box and its the Wonder Seed Facial cream. I have been using this since I got it and its been really nice. I use it every morning with my sunscreen and it products the perfect amount of hydration for the day. It does smell earthy so if you’re sensitive to smells you might not enjoy it. It took me awhile to get used to it. Great day time moisturizer. I even used it sometimes at night and I enjoyed but I prefer something more hydrating at night.

The last product is not technically a skincare item but this was definitely my MVP of the winter. Its the equate cortisone cream. I had some really really stubborn dry patches right above the left corner of my mouth and on my left cheek. I’m talking really stubborn. No amount of oil, creams, or exfoliating could get rid of them. The second it dropped below 60 degrees they popped up. Well one day I put some cortisone on it and I noticed so much improvement in just one night. It truly blew me away. After weeks of dealing with these gross dry and peeling patches after just a week they were completely gone using cortisone. Highly recommend to anyone struggling with stubborn dry patches. This is now a winter time staple in my skincare routine. I used the 1% Hydro cortisone anti itch cream I found in my apartment.

The last last product is an alternative to the YUBE cream. I started using this just one month ago and its less rich and more emollient version of the YUBE. Its also not as moisturizing but it’ll be easy for those not used to rich creams to use. Its the Derma e Super repair cream. I found this product at TJ maxx for $8. I recommend checking out your local TJ maxx or Ross to find cheap and different cruelty free products.


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