Used Up: Foundations

I’ve been on a roll with going through products and it continues to feel satisfying. I am going to be talking about three today: Loreal True Match (shade W4), Almay TLC (shade 260 sand), and Revlon Colorstay Whipped (shade 150 Buff). These were not my exact matches, especially the Revlon one because it is way lighter than my skin but I kept it around to mix in with other foundations. The Almay shade is also too light but it was the darkest in the range. The Loreal foundation matched me in the fall months. I used up the Loreal and Almay foundations and I’m actually decluttering the Revlon one which makes me feel like a quitter but it is really old (about 4 years). Before I get into sharing my thoughts, all three brands mentioned test on animals.


Let’s begin with the Loreal True Match. Many people love and adore this one and the range is really special because of all the available shades. The coverage was a light to medium depending on how you applied it and your skin situation. It was very buildable which I enjoyed because I wouldn’t need a separate concealer and could just build up where I wanted. The lasting power was not impressive. That was my biggest issue with it. It didn’t last and did not control my oily skin. However, it did apply nicely and looked natural. I would recommend this to normal to dry skin. Those with oily skin might enjoy it for short makeup days. One last note: the pump in the picture is from an old covergirl foundation.

The Almay TLC foundation is something I went back and forth on. Some days I liked it and some I didn’t. I do think it had good longevity. I would often mix it with a different foundation to boost the long wear. Something I didn’t like was the way it would separate in the bottle. There would be a layer of oil on top of the pigment if it sat for a few days. I would need to mix it before use. Another issue was the pump. It clogged up and stopped working when I was about halfway through the bottle. I would have to take the pump off, mix it it, and use the straw of the pump to put some foundation on the back of my hand, then twist the pump back on. One day I actually forgot to twist the pump back on and a bunch of foundation spilled out. I was quite irritated. In terms of coverage, I found it to be light to maybe medium for some. I mostly used this my mixing into other foundations with more coverage. The shade range is not great. The shade sand was too light for my NC35 skin and the color was neutral. I think all skin types would enjoy this if they weren’t looking for too much coverage.


Lastly is the whipped Revlon foundation. This foundation is thick. Its also messy because its a tub and the cap ends up collecting foundation on the rim. The cap on mine also broke after a while. The coverage was medium to full. This was a foundation that looked heavy upon first application but got better throughout the day. The oil control wasn’t very good and because its very whipped it emphasized some of the texture on my skin. I do think it had good lasting power thought. You also get 0.2 ounces less than the normal foundation which is disappointing because its high in price for a drugstore foundation. I think this was best suited for those with normal skin because it could emphasize dry patches and didn’t have good oil control.

Well, that’s all for this round. The foundations I’m using right now are the Kat Von D lock it and the Maybelline Matte and Poreless.


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