Used Up: Foundations

I’ve been on a roll with going through products and it continues to feel satisfying. I am going to be talking about three today: Loreal True Match (shade W4), Almay TLC (shade 260 sand), and Revlon Colorstay Whipped (shade 150 Buff). These were not my exact matches, especially the Revlon one because it is way lighter than my skin but I kept it around to mix in with other foundations. The Almay shade is also too light but it was the darkest in the range. The Loreal foundation matched me in the fall months. I used up the Loreal and Almay foundations and I’m actually decluttering the Revlon one which makes me feel like a quitter but it is really old (about 4 years). Before I get into sharing my thoughts, all three brands mentioned test on animals.


Let’s begin with the Loreal True Match. Many people love and adore this one and the range is really special because of all the available shades. The coverage was a light to medium depending on how you applied it and your skin situation. It was very buildable which I enjoyed because I wouldn’t need a separate concealer and could just build up where I wanted. The lasting power was not impressive. That was my biggest issue with it. It didn’t last and did not control my oily skin. However, it did apply nicely and looked natural. I would recommend this to normal to dry skin. Those with oily skin might enjoy it for short makeup days. One last note: the pump in the picture is from an old covergirl foundation.

The Almay TLC foundation is something I went back and forth on. Some days I liked it and some I didn’t. I do think it had good longevity. I would often mix it with a different foundation to boost the long wear. Something I didn’t like was the way it would separate in the bottle. There would be a layer of oil on top of the pigment if it sat for a few days. I would need to mix it before use. Another issue was the pump. It clogged up and stopped working when I was about halfway through the bottle. I would have to take the pump off, mix it it, and use the straw of the pump to put some foundation on the back of my hand, then twist the pump back on. One day I actually forgot to twist the pump back on and a bunch of foundation spilled out. I was quite irritated. In terms of coverage, I found it to be light to maybe medium for some. I mostly used this my mixing into other foundations with more coverage. The shade range is not great. The shade sand was too light for my NC35 skin and the color was neutral. I think all skin types would enjoy this if they weren’t looking for too much coverage.


Lastly is the whipped Revlon foundation. This foundation is thick. Its also messy because its a tub and the cap ends up collecting foundation on the rim. The cap on mine also broke after a while. The coverage was medium to full. This was a foundation that looked heavy upon first application but got better throughout the day. The oil control wasn’t very good and because its very whipped it emphasized some of the texture on my skin. I do think it had good lasting power thought. You also get 0.2 ounces less than the normal foundation which is disappointing because its high in price for a drugstore foundation. I think this was best suited for those with normal skin because it could emphasize dry patches and didn’t have good oil control.

Well, that’s all for this round. The foundations I’m using right now are the Kat Von D lock it and the Maybelline Matte and Poreless.

Products That Got Me Through the Winter

Even though I live in Florida, it still gets cold (for us) and the wind can make it pretty chilly. In the last couple of years my oily skin have become prone to dehydration in the winter. It always throws me off because dryness is not something I focus on with my skincare. This year I found some good products to keep away those stubborn dry patches.

The first one is YU BE Moisturizing skin cream. This product is from japan and it is so moisturizing. It can be too rich for me sometimes but when my skin is dehydrated it is perfect for balancing it out and restoring some of that moisture. I got this from my mom and she swears by it. She has extremely dry skin and this has helped her so much. The fuul size retails for $25.

The next product is the 2B Makeup Base. This product is so nice for when you want a little extra boost of moisture before your makeup or even if you’re not wearing makeup. It is really light and absorbs quickly but feels like a drink of water on your face. Its the same concepts as the Marc Jacobs coconut primer or the Too Faced hangoverx. It retails for $8.99 but is currently on sale for $7.19 on the Ulta Website.

The next product I got in a Vegan Cuts Box and its the Wonder Seed Facial cream. I have been using this since I got it and its been really nice. I use it every morning with my sunscreen and it products the perfect amount of hydration for the day. It does smell earthy so if you’re sensitive to smells you might not enjoy it. It took me awhile to get used to it. Great day time moisturizer. I even used it sometimes at night and I enjoyed but I prefer something more hydrating at night.

The last product is not technically a skincare item but this was definitely my MVP of the winter. Its the equate cortisone cream. I had some really really stubborn dry patches right above the left corner of my mouth and on my left cheek. I’m talking really stubborn. No amount of oil, creams, or exfoliating could get rid of them. The second it dropped below 60 degrees they popped up. Well one day I put some cortisone on it and I noticed so much improvement in just one night. It truly blew me away. After weeks of dealing with these gross dry and peeling patches after just a week they were completely gone using cortisone. Highly recommend to anyone struggling with stubborn dry patches. This is now a winter time staple in my skincare routine. I used the 1% Hydro cortisone anti itch cream I found in my apartment.

The last last product is an alternative to the YUBE cream. I started using this just one month ago and its less rich and more emollient version of the YUBE. Its also not as moisturizing but it’ll be easy for those not used to rich creams to use. Its the Derma e Super repair cream. I found this product at TJ maxx for $8. I recommend checking out your local TJ maxx or Ross to find cheap and different cruelty free products.


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New Products: Powder and Lipstick

Since I’ve done so well with using up products, I thought it would be alright if I added some new goodies to my collection. I have been eyeing the RCMA no color powder for a long time because it got quite a bit of hype a few months ago. I have been using it the past week and its good but it doesn’t blow me away.


  • $12 for 3 ounces on Beautylish. Such a good deal!
  • It does minimize appearance of my pores.
  • Controls oil very well.
  • Does not give me that dreaded white cast.
  • Cruelty Free


  • I have a lot of natural creases under my eyes and it is not the best for preventing creasing there.
  • The packaging is very messy. I plan to transfer the powder to my ELF HD powder container once I finish that.

It’s a good powder just not my favorite. I would recommend the It Cosmetics bye bye pores powder or the ELF HD powder over this one.

The second product I treated myself to is a lovely lipstick by Ilia. The line is natural, nontoxic, cruelty free, and vegan. I have had my eye on these lipsticks for a long time and I’m so glad I tried them out. I got the shade Madam Mina from beautylish for $26. It is limited edition unfortunately. The shade is a very pretty neutral mauve. Close to my natural lip color but a bit deeper and more neutral. The shade needs to be built up on the lips but it layers super nicely and looks natural. It goes on smooth and lasts a surprisingly long time. The formula gets a bit drying on the lips throughout the day but if you’re used to matte liquid lipsticks it won’t bother you. I would definitely consider getting another shade.

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Used up: Powder and a Stray Bronzer

As an oily girl, powder is a very good friend of mine. It is the fastest thing I go through because I used it every day sometimes twice a day to blot and increase the wear of my foundation. I also have a bronzer that went bad but I used it quite a bit.

First is the Physicians Formula Healthy wear SPF 50 Powder foundation in translucent medium.I really enjoyed this and it was super light weight on the skin. It never looked cakey even if I went heavy handed. The oil control was surprisingly good. It wasn’t super matte but gave me a solid 5 hours before the oil became intense. It has the slightest of slight pink tints to it. I would definitely purchase another physicians formula powder but they tend to run really light so picking a shade can bit tricky. think this has been discontinued but you can still purchase it on amazon. Physicians formula is cruelty free.

Next is a powder foundation from Maybelline. I won’t say much because it is discontinued and maybeline tests on animals. The oil control wasn’t good but the coverage was nice.

The rimmel stay matte powder gets a ton of love on the internet, especially from those with oily skin. I, however, was not a fan. I found that the finish was way too matte and made my face look really flat and I didn’t like the look. I want to be matte but I still want my skin to look like skin. I worked with it by applying it with a big fluffy brush so the application wasn’t so heavy. I got the shade 004 sandstorm. It doesn’t really have a lot of coverage so I wouldn’t worry about finding the perfect match. Rimmel is not cruelty free.

I just finished the Prime and Fine powder from Catrice. The shade is translucent so medium-deep skin beware because it does have a white cast if you are heavy handed. I really liked the powder despite that. I found the oil control  to be really good and the finish was light. Out of all the powders mentioned above this one is my favorite (it had better longevity than the physicians formula powder). It is not confirmed that Catrice is Cruelty free.


Lastly, is the NYC sunny bronzer. This is definitely a youtube made me buy it product. I really liked it at first because it was nice and blendable but I liked it less as I experimented with other bronzers. It isn’t very pigmented,which can be good for beginners, but I felt like I had to build it a lot on my medium skin. It also went bad on me as you might be able to see from the picture. NYC is not cruelty free.

Products I am currently using: NYX #no filter finishing powder (medium olive) and Too face Cocoa powder (light medium).

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Used Up: Foundation and Concealer

I think foundation is one of the harder things for me to get through because I am such a foundation hoarder. I definitely one of my weaknesses. In this post I am talking about the Covergirl Outlast foundation in Soft Honey. This is honestly the closest I have ever come to finding my “Holy Grail” foundation. I am currently on my third bottle, but I won’t be repurchasing because Covergirl tests on animals. This formula goes on so smoothly and never looked cakey or too obvious on me. It really did last a long time and managed my oils. The coverage was medium to full and is build able.  My biggest complaint was the color. I could never find the right shade and the closest shade to me (soft honey) had looked a bit pink on me. Besides that its a great foundation.

Next is the L’OREAL true match roller foundation in W4. This product is so old and a huge gimmick. I actually used this solely as concealer. I only used this as foundation twice and it just didn’t last very long on me. If you have used the liquid true match foundation it is really similar but I found this cream version a bit more buildable. L’OREAL is not cruelty free.

Last is the Revlon photoready stick concealer. This product reminds me of high school because I used it a lot my last years of High School (roughly 4 years ago). The formula was creamy and had some solid medium almost full coverage. I didn’t love it for blemishes because it some some specks of glitter/sparkle in it. It wasn’t super obvious unless you looked at it closely in sunlight. It did a good job of covering my dark circles. Revlon  is not cruelty free.

Current products I am using: Tarte Shape Tape(medium) and Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer (medium light).

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Used Up: Lip Balms

Here we with a lot of used up products. Finishing a product brings me so much satisfaction, especially if I’ve had a product in my collection for way way too long. I will be breaking up all my empty products so it’s not too overwhelming. First up is lip balms! I use these every morning and day so I’m not surprised I have gone through so many.

First is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. This gave a nice sheen and slightest of color to the lips. I really like the baby lips formula but unfortunately they do test on animals  .

Next is the Fresh sugar lip treatment in the original and Rose. These have SPF 15 and are quite moisturizing. However, they have an odd slip to them and don’t really sink into the lips. They are still good and the Rose one gives a nice rosy/red tint to the lips. These are pretty pricey at $24 and can break or melt pretty easily. You can purchase them here. Also the ones pictured are deluxe sizes not the full size.

Last is the EOS lip balm and I 100% do not recommend this. I couldn’t even finish it because it irritated my lips so much. This was the first product I ever just gave up on because it was so bad and just didn’t work as a lip balm.

In case you’re curious, I am currently using a lip balm by Hard Candy and Jack Black (my favorite).

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Boxycharm: September 2016

My last subscription box review for awhile. I promise. This was a good box though.

Lets start with the most exciting part! A set of three luxie eye brushes. I love these brushes. I use them every single day I apply eyeshadow. So soft and well made. I highly recommend them. They are shaped so nicely and blend shadows out effortlessly. Included were the #205, #237, and #229. I think this set was exclusively made for boxycharm but you can find similar brushes on the luxie website. This set retails for $36 but individually they retail for $12.


My second favorite product was a blow dry perfection heat protectant by Briogeo. This product is a cream used on damp hair to protect against heat damage and it also smooths hair. I liked this a lot but I needed to add something extra for hydration. I have really dry hair so this wasn’t hydrating enough. I do really enjoy it as a heat protectant and would recommend it. This retails for $24.

Next is an eyeshadow trio by IBY. The shades are nice and basic. Included is a matte brown shade, light champagne color with a sheen, and a deep shimmery bronze. Really pretty, however, the gold shade is best applied with a finger. If you’re into warm shades, which I 100% always am, you would like this. This can be purchased for $19.

I was not excited to receive the Temptu shimmer bronzer but it grew on me. This is a thin liquid bronzer that appears really dark but blends really nicely into the skin. The simmer isn’t super noticeable but does a nice job of warming up the skin without looking heavy or obvious. This retails for $29.50.

Last is the ultra matte lip paint by starlooks. I thought this product was okay but after some time I realized its pretty bad. You have to use a VERY thin layer or else it’ll crumble off. Also, it doesn’t apply true to color unless you use two layers. There are way better products out there in this category. This retails for $19.

The value of this box is $127.50 and you only pay $21. Really great value.

Petit Vour is a Gem! September 2016

I’m back at it with the subscription box reviews. I just find it a fun way to try out new products that I otherwise wouldn’t come across. This time it is petit vour so you know everything is non toxic and cruelty free. Whoooo!

The first item is full size and retails for $14. It is the meow meow tweet baking soda free deodorant cream. This works really well and doesn’t irritate the underarms. I scoop some out with my fingers and rub it in and it lasts all day. I find the price point to be pretty nice and would definitely recommend this one.

The second product is by OSEA and is called ocean cleanser. The value is $16 and the full size is $44. I found this worked best as a morning cleanser or a second cleanser. It is really gently and smells like candied fruit. This wasn’t effective enough to remove makeup but I enjoyed it in the mornings.

Next is a sample from ADORN and it is the mineral and organic hydrating cream foundation. The value of the sample is $4 and the full size is $50. I didn’t try this because the color was too light and the “hydrating” part made me wary. I really don’t enjoy getting tiny samples like these in subscription boxes.

Last is a serum concentrate from odacite. The one I got specifically was for blemishes. The value is $3 and full size is $32. I used this for blemishes that were dried and enjoyed it. I think this would be a great product for those with acne prone and combination skin.

The overall value is $37 and the box costs $15.


Boxycharm: September 2016



In case you don’t know, Boxycharm is a beauty subscription service that monthly sends 4-5 full size products for $21/month. You get makeup, hair, nails, and skincare products. For the most part everyone gets the same box except for one or two product variations. I would suggest checking out mid month what the boxes include then subscribing before the end of the month if the box interests you. Now, lets talk about this box!

1. Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Hair Masque $11

I really like this! It smells exactly like a strawberry and banana smoothie. You don’t need a ton of product and it leaves your hair really soft. If you are looking for a good hair mask, this would be a good one to check out. It won’t repair super damaged cream but it will smooth out your hair and add softness.

2. butterLONDON Trend Nail Lacquer $15

This might be my favorite nail polish formula ever. It went on really smoothly and did not chip for a good three days which is really impressive for me. The color is really pretty and a great option for Fall.

3. PUR Cosmetics Lip Lure in Mystic $22.00

This is wonderful!The formula is so comfortable and the color is a beautiful deep berry. I highly recommend these if you like creamy lip products and want something that won’t dry out your lips. There is transfer but I found it minimal.

4. Studio Makeup “On-The-Go” Palette $49.95

This is the product that convinced me to but the box. The colors are so warm and beautiful. I really enjoy the formula and appreciate all the lovely matte shades. I find myself reaching for this on a daily basis. The shadows are powdery but they are smooth and blend nicely.

5. Hikari Cosmetics Eye Liner $13

This product didn’t impress me very much. I have a problem with most pencil liners where the product transfers to my lower eyelid throughout the day. Unfortunately, this product did this to me but it did apply nicely and was quite creamy.

The total value was $110.05. Such a great value! Especially because I loved almost all of the products. You can subscribe to boxycharm here.


Petit Vour: August 2016

Today I bring you my review of the August subscription box of Peiti Vour. They focus on cruelty free products and are ingredient conscious. The August box included two full size items and two samples for $15.


Lily Lolo Sculpt & Glow Contour Duo, $26 (full size)

Formulary 55 Body Polish, $7 (full size)

True Moringa Lavender Facial Oil, $3 (full size, $26)

Box Naturals Luxe Towelettes, $1.50 for 2 ($10 for box of 12)

The overall of this box is $37.50 which I think is pretty good. The lily lolo palette offers buildable colors and the highlighter is not at all glittery or unflattering. I think those with lighter skin would enjoy the products most. I have medium skin and it takes some building up to get the desired affect. The true moringa lavender oil is very nice and sinks into the skin quickly while still moisturizing. The scent isn’t overpowering so I think a lot of people would enjoy this product. I haven’t tested the other two products but I’ll mention that the towelettes claim to be safe to use anywhere on the body, to remove make up, and clean any surfaces. I plan to keep this in my purse for emergencies.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all look into Petit Vour. They offer a great selection of products on their website. fullsizerender